This is why you shouldn't flush condoms

A workplace email detailing the rampant sex lives of its employees has leaked online.

Why you shouldn't flush condoms

Upmarket UK real estate firm Savills called a plumbing company to their office last week to sort out an issue with the women's bathroom plumbing. Seven long hours later, they finally figured out what all the trouble was… a wad of used condoms in the pipes. shudder

The branch director quickly sent an email to his employees, requesting in the most polite (read: British) way possible, to quit banging in the ladies’ toilet. As you do.

“Dear all,

After seven hours Pimlico Plumbers have established the cause of the problem. Unfortunately the blockage was caused by a build up of used condoms. Obviously such activity should not be taking place in the office. As well as it being extremely inconvenient to have both loos out of order for an entire day, this has now cost the office a considerable amount of money. Please can we be considerate to the ancient Sloane Street plumbing going forward.”

Naturally, once the ruthless users of the web got a hold of the email, word that this particular workplace was a hotbed of sexual activity spread like a viral Ryan Gosling meme.

Savills’ PR folk were quick to issue a statement/attempt to explain themselves.

“Plumbers were called in on Wednesday to investigate problems with the ladies’ lavatories in Savills Sloane Street office. It was discovered that the main drainage system, which is shared with adjacent buildings, was blocked with debris including condoms.”

At least it's been semi-clarified - it wasn’t the estate agents who were treating the office like a brothel… it was the pesky neighbours. (Whatever.)