Tiffany Wright: Could you handle... a male sex toy?

Is the Rev 1000 the Rabbit's new next-drawer neighbour?

As a journalist, I’m used to getting random gifts through the post from PRs. Sometimes it’s a nice bag of make up to test, or an invite to the latest “not to be missed” gig. But today, I got the shock of my life when I opened up a very discreet package to discover: The Rev 1000.

"What is that?" I hear you ask. Well, my dear readers, the only way I can describe it is by saying it the equivalent of the rabbit… for men. Yup, I'm talking a male sex toy - complete with lube, seven settings for different rotations and speeds and a soft silicone sleeve that is there to "caress" his bits! To be honest, it looks a bit like a machine you might use in the kitchen… but, I'm not one to let appearances fool me so I decided to embark on a bit of 'journalist research'. That evening, armed with the new gift, I presented it to my man. The look on his face was priceless. "I'm not using that!" he practically yelled at me. "Sex toys are for girls, not blokes."
So there we have it: The male sex toy taboo. Is it actually OK for men to use sex toys - either on their own or with a partner? Should men be allowed to get as addicted to the Rev 1000 as Charlotte did to the Rabbit? Thankfully, I did have a male friend who - unlike the boyfriend - was willing to test it out (when I say willing - he literally grabbed it off me and slammed the bedroom door in my face. I'm guessing he hasn't had a bit for a while.) So, what was his conclusion? Amidst lots of blushing and initial insisting that he "didn't do anything" he eventually confided in me: "Yes, it was actually pretty damn good. It ticked all of the right boxes, shall we say? OK, it was bloody marvellous. A revelation! Why hadn't I told him about it before?" So girls, what do you think? Should we start making space next to our Rabbit in our bedroom drawers for the Rev1000? How would you feel if you man, mid-action, whipped it out and suggested you both "give it a go"?

One thing's for sure, it obviously worked wonders for this friend of mine - I haven't seen him for weeks!