Tiffany Wright: Make him want you while you're away...

Give him a present he won't forget this Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, there's a likelihood that those coupled up amongst us will be jetting off to different sides of the country in order to spend time with families… which means (eek!) you might be away from you man/your crush/your shag buddy for longer than you hoped. But fear not, I've devised the perfect top three tips to keep him wanting more while you're away… Tip #1: I'll be the first to admit it that when it comes to Christmas celebrations I'll be at the front of the egg nog line! But before you get the urge to send your man a "I loves you and wants your babies" email, flip on Gmail's Mail Goggles before you go out. It'll make you do a simple maths equation before you're allowed to send out a new email. Yipee! Tip #2: Don't want him to forget you in a hurry? A friend of mine (yes, it was a friend; promise!) came up with the genius idea of creating a saucy advent calendar for her boyfriend to take away with him. From every day of December he was greeted with a sexy, saucy picture of his girlfriend. Want to do the same? is the way to go. Tip #3: Three words: Strip poker Skype. What better way to spend your evening? There isn't… believe me.