Tiffany Wright: The new sex trend that every man wants to experience

33 per cent of guys reckon this is their ultimate fantasy... Can you guess what it is?

It’s your man’s birthday and you’re wondering what to get him. A nice new watch or a pair boxers perhaps? What about a romantic weekend away or turning up at his house in your sauciest underwear; surely every man would be happy with that, right? Wrong. According to new statistics, these stereotypical gift-giving ideas are disappearing fast - with more and more women favouring the gift of threesomes!

Yep, long gone are the days of wrapping up your man's present and tying it with a nice bow. Thirty-three per cent of men state that a threesome with their girlfriend is their number one fantasy - so to some, it's a pretty fool proof gift idea. And with more and more websites popping up offering 'casual encounters' men (and women!) are starting to become even more intrigued by what's on offer out in the big wide sexual world. Let's take Gumtree for example. Last week I was happily browsing their website in the hope of finding a new sofa for my living room. After a boring hour of staring at tattered furniture, I decided to browse the rest of the website, intrigued as to what it had to offer. There's the job section, the real estate section and, of course, the dating section. Out of sheer curiosity I logged on, only to find my computer screen filling up with ads from people requesting threesomes. "It's my boyfriend's 30th and I want to treat him to a threesome with me and another woman," one ad read. "Help me give my man the best gift ever - a threesome! Hotel room all paid for," read another. I was intrigued. It seems more and more women are advertising online for a third person to join them in the bedroom - under the guise of a 'gift' for their boyfriends. So, are we all becoming more and more liberal (and generous) when it comes to giving our partners presents? Could a threesome be the new, must-have present on your birthday list? I spoke to a couple of friends about it to gauge their reaction, and, surprisingly, they all seemed to think it was fabulous. "I think women and men are becoming a lot more adventurous in the bedroom," said Julie, a colleague of mine. "Sex needs to stop being taken so seriously and we need to start having fun again. I'm sure my man would love it if I gave him an IOU card for a threesome for his birthday. What man wouldn't?" So, what do you think Cosmo readers? Will you be giving your man a gift like this for Valentine's Day? I'm still undecided…

Tiffany is a UK based journalist writing about sex and relationships. You can follow her on @tiffanylwright.