Happy Pride: Tinder’s ‘More Genders’ feature has resulted in over 25 million matches

The proof is in the numbers.

By Kate Wagner

Stores are covered in rainbows, people are dancing through the streets, and majestic videos like this are emerging:

That's right folks, it's Pride Month and boy, are we feeling our gay-selves. It's also the one year anniversary of Tinder's landmark 'More Genders' feature which does away with the simple two gender function used by most dating apps.

The new function launched in Australia during Mardis Gras — the most glitter-filled day of the year — on Tinder's #AllTypesAllSwipes float and allows users to idenitify in more than 60 different ways. Before you start swiping, you can add a term that best reflects your gender identity.

This fancy new function has allowed for 25 million matches globally, using More Genders alone. There are a lot of horny people out there.

So why the need for so many different ways to identify? Remember when Justin Trudeau explained why his cabinet was a 50/50 gender split by simply saying, "Because it's 2015"?

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It's like that… but 2018, obv.

We're living in a gender fluid world and if this feature makes it easier for people to find love — or seedy hook-ups — than it's time for companies to get amongst it.

Tinder is celebrating diversity across the world, including Australia, U.S., UK, Canada, France, Germany and Spain. They were careful not to offend as well, working alongside advocates and organisations like GLAAD, Inter-LGBT, dgti, FELGTB, Transgender Europe and Transgender Victoria to make sure each effort was localised.

In March, Transgender Victoria's spokesperson Sally Goldner predicted the update to have significant benefits for transgender and gender diverse Australians, as it will "help people across cultures be and be seen positively as who we are, both individually and collectively, which is vital for our health and well-being, including self-esteem."

Looks like she was right.

Happy Pride, y'all!