Tired of him finishing first in bed?

It’s not news that guys can go from hello to O in minutes, while we often take way longer. But syncing up is totally possible. Follow our advice and everyone will have a happy ending.

Couple in bed

It's not news that guys can go from hello to O in minutes, while we often take way longer. But syncing up is totally possible. Follow our advice and everyone will have a happy ending.

Kissing Speed yourself up: Because your neck is both nerve-packed and often ignored, few things turn up the heat like the feel of your guy's lips there. Pull your hair aside while kissing and nibble his ear, tilting your neck so it's in his view. If he doesn't take the hint, whisper "Mmm…I'd love for you to kiss my neck." Then moan so he'll know to keep it up.
Slow him down: Avoid tonsil hockey in favour of lips-only smooches and delicate, teasing flicks. Research has shown that swapping spit can ratchet up his arousal because your saliva contains hormones that set him off.

Foreplay Speed yourself up: To ensure you'll climax before or at the same time as he does, have him start stimulating your clitoris ASAP. Put a few drops of your favourite lube (proven to help get aroused more easily) on his fingers, and guide them between your legs. Experts report that circular stimulation, starting slow and building speed, is most effective.
Slow him down: When handling his manhood, maintain a soft touch, and keep your strokes close to the base, where he's less sensitive. Vary your moves: He'll love the shifting sensation so much he won't notice that you're skipping the steady friction that makes him orgasm.

Oral sex Speed yourself up: Ask him to insert his pointer and middle fingers into your vagina with his palm facing the ceiling, then rest his chin in the palm of his hand. In this position, he can move his fingers in a come hither motion to massage the front wall of your vagina (G-spot territory!) while teasing your clitoris with his tongue.
Slow him down: To light his fuse without triggering an explosion, kiss and lick his penis, but don't suck (otherwise it feels too similar to being inside you). Showing his testes a little love will also give him mega pleasure without pushing his go button.

Intercourse Speed yourself up: Girl-on-top grants you total control of the speed, angle and depth, so it's best for speeding your O. Instead of moving your hips up and down - which will bring him closer to the brink - slide them back and forth so that your clitoris is rubbing against his abdomen. Don't be shy about pushing down hard or increasing the speed. He'll love the intensity.
Slow him down: Long thrusts are the male orgasm's BFF, so keep them to a minimum. You already know what to do during girl-on-top, but if you want to try missionary, wrap your legs around his waist so he can't pull out very far, or grab his butt with both hands and pull him in close for the same effect.

Right before you O Speed yourself up: Focus on your "trigger fantasy": a red-hot, super explicit, kinkylicious fantasy you call on when you're on the brink of orgasm but need an extra push. Start by thinking of movie scenes that have turned you on like crazy, then combine and customise details to concoct one that's even hotter, naughtier, and more specific to your tastes.
Slow him down: If you sense him getting close (his body's tensing up, he's breathing harder, his thrusting is more rhythmic), switch positions or stop altogether, and kiss for a moment. He's really close? Quickly reach down and create a ring around the base of his penis with your forefinger and thumb squeezing firmly. This can act as an emergency break, buying more time to get to the edge.