Totally not up for it?

These foods could be killing your sex goddess potential…

Okay, so you’ve had a super romantic evening with your partner. You may have had a nice meal, maybe a wine or two and something sweet, but now it’s time to have the real dessert and…you’re just not that into it. Shock horror, what’s going on?!

Apparently, it could have been something you ate: “There are some scientific links to food that can decrease your libido,” says sexologist and relationship expert Dr Nikki Goldstein. So here are a few foods researchers say to avoid if you’d rather sexy time than sleep.


Sugar and other high GI foods will have your blood-sugar levels soaring and studies suggest that testosterone levels can decrease by as much as 25 percent after a blood-sugar spike. So what does that mean? You might think testosterone is just a dude-related thing, but it’s present in both men and women and it strengthens sexual desire – so a sudden decrease will have you reaching for your book quicker than he can say, “You look so sexy tonight.”


While you might think a few gin and tonics will provide just the right amount of lubricant in the lead up to some sexy time, this bad boy gets two strikes for being a libido killer. Quinine is a flavouring agent used in tonic water and some other fizzy beverages and it has been linked to lowering sexual function. Put down that glass right now!

The alcohol part of the beverage is it’s second offence. “When it comes to performance in the bedroom the biggest no-nos are smoking and drinking. These both have a negative impact on our sexuality and sexual functioning,” says Nikki.

Trans Fats

Step away from that burger, donut, or meaty pizza right now because these kind of fats are the very worst-of-the-worst for cardiovascular health. You might wonder what that has to do with your libido but they're totally linked. A rush of blood to your privates is what makes for good lovin’, so if your arteries are clogged (from gross fat) getting sexually stimulated will be harder. And speaking of harder, his member won’t be able to do its thing if his heart health isn’t up to scratch.


There is a lot of suggestion that while soy might not be so bad for women’s libido, it can affect your Lothario’s loving skills. The Journal of Nutrition suggests that soy may affect men’s fertility by unbalancing testosterone levels and semen quality. One Harvard study also found that a diet high in soy can lead to erectile dysfunction because of the food’s oestrogenic properties, which can zap testosterone levels.

However, before you despair that you can never eat or drink again and still enjoy a good sex life, Nikki says, “a small amount of these foods will not stop you from bedroom bliss.” She suggests we just practice a little restraint when it comes to picking our pre-deed degustation. “Ingesting a meal that might make someone bloated or feeling heavy and sluggish is not exactly going to help them get in the mood and feel sexy and seductive. It's more of a case of physical logistics than aphrodisiacs."