Tuesday mornings are filled with dirty messages

Apparently 10am is the time most of us hit send on a sext.

A pervy new study has been done to find out the peak hours for sexting, and it seems the Friday night booty call might be a thing of the past.

The research, carried out by Retina-X Studios (a company which develops tracking tools for computers, tablets and smartphones) asked 4,800 people when they sext on the reg, and surprisingly, between 10am and 12 noon on a Tuesday was most popular.

That’s right, while you’re sat at your desk working. So next week, have a quick scan of the office for avid texters and guilty faces – you’ll know whatsup.

The study also revealed that iPhone users are filthbags – in that they are twice as likely to sext as the more reserved Android fans. Probs because they can use emojis for fun stuff like this: