Turbocharge your sex drive

How to make sure both of you are in the mood to get lewd…

Libidos are like bank accounts: sometimes they aren’t as big as you’d like them to be. And at some point in every relationship, yours will likely be out of kilter with your bedfellow’s.

If yours is a little lacklustre, try these quick fixes on for size.

Firstly, if he’s raring to go and you’re torn between him and repeats of Friends, sniff his armpit. I’m as serious as a tsunami – breathe that shiz in. The University of California has discovered there’s a compound in male sweat that can radically alter sexual excitement in women. If that doesn’t blow your hair back, perhaps you feel more favourably towards cucumber? It’s one of the most effective scents for boosting a lady’s arousal, according to the Chicago Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation. The same peeps discovered whiffs of doughnuts, pizza, strawberries and popcorn increase penile blood flow in men. Margaritas and Krispy Kremes for dinner? Winning!

If you really want to kick it up a gear, serve chocolate for dessert. This tricksy little treat contains phenethylamine, the chemical our brains produce when we fall in love. And if you’re not a sweet tooth, try a handful of pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts or almonds instead. They’re all high in arginine, an amino acid that increases the level of blood in the genitals. That’s right – just like Viagra, only crunchy!

There are plenty of other morsels on the menu, too – Thai green curry has been shown to improve sex drive, as has porridge, which helps rebalance oestrogen and testosterone. Red meat might even help you hit the high notes – it contains a protein that boosts the level of dopamine and some other fun stuff in the brain, which help heighten sensitivity during sexy times.

But sadly, there are times not even a Sizzler buffet will do it. Whether you’re feeling stressed or just a little bit down, relaxation is paramount if you want to get into the rude groove. Even something simple like having a bath can help – studies show steam helps naturally increase a lady’s sex drive. Send him out for a walk while you’re at it – reports show the vitamin D in sunshine can boost a man’s testosterone by 69 percent. Yes, 69 percent! There couldn’t be a sexier statistic.

And if none of that works? You’ll have to bring out the big guns… By which, of course, I mean put an icksnay on intercourse altogether. It sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s like telling a toddler not to touch a pie straight out of the oven. As soon as it’s off-limits, it’s the one thing you want to do.