Virtual reality sex suits are a thing now and don’t pretend you’re not curious

Apparently they’ve already sold out.

By Nikki Kinstlinger

Welcome to the future! A Japanese company called Tenga has made a virtual reality sex suit which combines a VR headset, fake squishable boobs and a robotic masturbation sleeve into one scary contraption to make masturbating easy and somewhat kinda real (that is, if you like making out with animations).

Behold (and apologies in advance): YouTube



WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE! In case you couldn’t figure it out (we had some trouble) that sleeve at the bottom would usually house a penis, which leaves your hands free to squeeze the fake boobies. Some people just want it all, we suppose. Apparently the suit is designed so you can choose your own sex adventure game called “Sexy Beach”, but they also have their sights on making it work for cyber-sex-meet-ups with people you may or may not know. And you thought SIMS getting frisky in front of you was a big deal!

VRTalk The suit also has straps and sensors attached to it which send impulses to the wearer’s body, making him feel like he is being touched all over. TBH, it looks like a whole lot of effort and expense for something that used to just involve a hot shower and one hand, but turns out the people are intrigued because at $528 AUD they’ve already sold out. Well then. That’ll just about do us. RELATED: 12 sex positions for when you're feeling lazy AF RELATED: 12 oral sex problems only twentysomthing women understand RELATED VIDEO: Watch these karaoke contestants sing while getting hand jobs