Want to bang your mates?

There’s an app for that…seriously.

Bang With Friends: the name says it all really – this new app is designed to allow you to do just that, upgrade your FB friend to plain F friend. Don’t be coy, most of us have a Facebook mate that we wall-stalk a little too much, right? And now, thanks to this app, you can get it all out in the open, but only if they’re into it too of course…

Yep, that’s the best bit about this quasi dating app, your crush will only know he’s your dream man if he also has selected you as a possible friend with benefits. These guys really do have it all covered.

The way it works is you sign into the website using your Facebook profile, and then you anonymously register interest in, erm, banging your contacts. You actually click a button called “down to bang” for the guys you’re digging - slightly creepy, but hey, it’s better than a wall post expressing your intentions. If the guy(s) you pick haven’t pushed the button for you too, thus aren’t interested, then your crush remains a secret. But, if you did make their cut, then you are both made aware, in fact the “down to bang” button will change to “awaiting bang”…yep, there’s no skirting around the issue here.

Then we guess you start messaging back and forth and arrange a time to get it on. Simple.

The creators of Bang With Friends have hidden their identity, apart from revealing they’re a group of Californian university-aged males (surprising). Their mission statement is: “We’re just giving you closer access to the truth. It should be something you’re expressive about, that you’re comfortable with, and if there’s a beautiful woman or a handsome man you’re interested in, you shouldn’t hold back.”

Proving that social networking is as much about picking up as catching up, more than 20,000 people have signed up for the app in the four days since its launched, and we suspect there will be many more to follow. With more and more people forging love (or maybe just lust) bonds via social networks, it’s no surprise that an enterprising bunch have jumped on the bandwagon.