5 ways to turn him on without saying a word

LOL one-liners? Meh. Upgrade your flirting game with a no-liner. Get him worked up, minus the sweet talk.

By Lauren Panariello
5 ways to turn him on without saying a word

Try the squeeze-by

It’s a move so easy, even the wiltiest wallflower can pull it off. When you see someone cute in a crowd, squeeze by him on the way to the bar. But instead of rushing past, maintain eye contact with him and smile. We are all so conditioned to avoid eye contact with strangers, so a deliberate (and sexy) glance makes for a cheeky, clear invitation… and a come-on.

Give lip service

“When I’m getting hit on by someone cute at a bar, I start to bite the end of my straw… or lightly suck on it,” says Amy, 22. If the next drink isn’t on him, you didn’t find your Mr Big, you found your Stanford Blatch.

Be the girl on top

Lure him in like a boss, and show that you like calling the shots. When your guy goes to the bathroom, settle the bill with the waiter. When he gets back and realises the bill’s been taken care of, he’ll get the silent message that you’re one hell of a confident, powerful chick. Oh, and that he owes you another dinner (and then some). Cue the ’Yoncé…

Accidentally touch him

Whether you steady yourself on him as you “lose your balance” or lightly grab his waist as you slide past, small ABCs (Acts of Body Contact) will leave him imagining a lot more.

Play it smart

Grab a napkin and a pen and start a game
of noughts and crosses. Then wordlessly pass it over to him. Worked in Year 3, works today.