The subtext of a bar pick-up

Here’s what men are really saying when they put the moves on you in the club.

When a guy struts across the room to throw some cheesy pick-up line in our face, or offer to buy us a drink (or, better yet, sends a drink across the bar to us in an attempt to look BALLER), we know what they’re really trying to say. 98 per cent of the time, they want us to go home with them – or at least pash them in full view of their mates.

Buzzfeed have created a video that proves the aforementioned fact (which we kind of always knew anyway). It’s refreshingly honest, although we’re sure some guys would protest to the negative light it casts the entire male population in.

Pick-up lines, when guys are actually being honest, turn into things like, “I’m interested in having sex with someone tonight. I’m approaching you with that in mind,” and “Better yet, I’ll give you my phone number because typing is way easier than talking.” LOL.

Here are our favourite, most brutally honest, bits: