What he thinks of your number

Plus, we reveal the average number of people girls and guys have slept with

Your number

Most of us have spent a significant amount of time wondering how our "number" compares to that of others. Luckily, our minds can be put somewhat at ease since Durex conducted their Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey and found that on average the Aussie lady will have 11 sexual partners, while our local guys will have 24.

The number of people you've slept with is one of the most personal things you can share with someone, especially your partner. We've sussed out what guys really think of your number, and if they even want to talk about it at all. Prepare to be surprised…

"I definitely don't want to know. What happened in the past can stay there." John, 24

"If it's bigger than mine, there could be a problem…" Keegan, 25

"If I'm really into a girl, it can be a turn-off to know. But sometimes you do get curious." James, 21

"It certainly reveals the girl's character, so I guess it's somewhat important, although let's be honest, if a girl is the town bike, I doubt she's going to tell me her true number." Kane, 30

"The more experienced the better." Ben, 30

"It shouldn't be important to know or not know about numbers. A bit of a heads up is sometimes handy if you're about to meet someone they've slept with." Tom, 24

"I'd prefer not to know. I don't see how that can bring any positives to the relationship. Knowing those types of numbers is toxic. I think as a bloke it's uncomfortable if your girlfriend has slept with more guys than you have girls. I'm not sure why, but there is something sickening about that." Justin, 28

"I personally find it relatively important. I don't have to know exactly, but a rough figure so you can determine if the girl has the same principles and morals as you have or that you look for in a girl. I would like to discuss it but only when you are at a comfortable level and can talk openly about those things." Nick, 22

"I don't want to know... unless it's over 100." Hugh, 23

"I don't really care too much, you're not dating the blokes she's slept with; you're dating her. However if the number was astronomical I'd probably second guess the situation, and definitely insist she get tested. Straight away. No joke." Julian, 22

"I really don't want to know. I wouldn't have a problem dating a girl with a high number, but it might make me feel a tad self-conscious and inexperienced." Christian, 22

"What has happened in the past is their business. But it does come up in any relationship." Chris, 24

"It's not something I would ever bring up or make a big deal about. If I like someone enough, it shouldn't be an issue. However, it may become an issue when it comes to a long-term relationship." Daniel, 24