What she's thinking when she goes down…

We asked thirty women to kindly fess up.

What she's thinking when she goes down...

Women are incredible multi-taskers. We can, say, go for a jog, and at the same time write a shopping list in our head, dodge cars, sing Beyoncé’s latest number-one, and motivate ourselves by imagining RyGos “hey girl” memes.

So it’s not surprising that it can be tricky to turn off our racing brains, even during sexy times. If you’re like the 55 per cent of women who admit their mind wanders, you probably find it hard to just be in the moment when going down on your guy.

So what are we actually thinking about when giving a blowjob? Here 30 brave ladies share their thoughts:

“I hope this doesn’t take too long. Anything longer than one minute and I’m out. Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Kelly, 26

“Am I doing this right? Why am I doing this? What’s the point of this?” Ana, 31

“I hope you like that I’m making you happy. What are you thinking about, I wonder? I hope that you’re thinking about me.” Trista, 24

“Do not make direct eye contact – or, if it does happen, make sure to give him sexual eyes.” Michelle, 29

“This is gross. I can’t believe people enjoy this. Can I stop yet?” Nicki, 22

“He’s making those little noises – he’s enjoying himself. Yeah! Go me!” Em, 21

“Fck. Hurry up will you, my jaw hurts.” Shannon, 26*

“I wonder whether this is the main or the entrée? If I’m not enjoying it, I’m worrying about my gag reflex, teeth placement and tongue piercing.” Rei, 26

“Well, I hope this doesn’t finish him off.” Steph, 26

“OK, that’s the figure-eight technique over with, now let’s give the porn star slap a go…” Cassie, 21

“What’s for dinner?” Harriet, 25

“The only things I’m thinking are quite sexual thoughts to get myself off, then just lots of nothing. I go into an almost meditative state.” Christina, 25

“I’m doing good work here; I hope I get the same in return.” Grace, 21

“Sometimes I fantasise about other guys or imagine someone is watching us, and that really turns me on.” Karolina, 19

“Is it a good idea to stick a finger in his arse? Maybe I should just pop one in there before he even realises what’s happening…” Jo, 26

“OK, I think I’ve got this whole penis thing just about covered, but what am I supposed to do with his balls? They’re just hangin’ there.” Sam, 22

“I love hearing the delish sounds he makes while I’m down there; it’s such a turn-on!” Claudia, 26

“Ahh I can’t breathe through my nose. Oh great, now my mascara is running. I’m so hot right now.” Jen, 23

“Geez, does this guy ever shower? What’s that smell? I’m going to kiss him after, just so he knows I took one for the team.” Danielle, 22

“Why is sex so short, but this takes so damn long?” Kadey, 19

“Don’t look down, don’t look down… OK he’s looking down, try to look sexy… How do I look sexy with a penis in my mouth?” Emily, 24

“Dicks are heaps more fun to play with than vaginas; I can’t swing my bits around or slap someone in the face with it. Boo.” Ange, 20

“I’m usually just writing a grocery list in my head.” Lara, 23

“Don’t gag… Don’t gag… Don’t gag… Oh damn. That’s not good.” Rani, 25

“I’m going to make this the best blowjob he’ll ever have – he’s not going to know what’s hit him, and it’s all going to be thanks to me.” Vanessa, 27

“This is a lot less fun than I thought it would be.” Anna, 19

“I hope you like this; please stop touching my head.” Sophie, 26

“This is exhausting! They don’t call it a ‘job’ for nothing.” Tash, 19

“Try to be sexy and swallow this time. Oh no, no, nooo – the taste! The taste! What is this?!” Carla, 18

“I wonder if he’s enjoying it. It’s hard to know what a blowjob feels like! I just go with whatever seems to be working.” Jess, 27