What’s new in sex?

From app-controlled undies to new (toning) sex positions, we find the latest trends to liven your sex life.

What's new in sex

Sex positions that tone

Tone up your bod as you get down, minus any extra effort? Yes, please. Personal trainer Rachel Evans recommends:

Reverse Ride on top

Face away from your guy. Ride him in a kneeling position and move your hips up and down. This movement tightens your glutes and abs.

Doggie Downward on all fours

On all fours get into the plank position and allow him to enter and thrust, while you work your arms and core. Get him to hold on to your hips to help your stability.

‘Appy endings

Boyfriend away and you’re meanwhile climbing the walls with sexual frustration? Soon you’ll be able to put on your Fundawear for a real-time, mutual sexual experience. The new app technology, still in development stage, will allow couples to tease, tickle and tantalise each other long distance through vibrating underwear at the touch of a phone app. Those nocturnal Skype sessions just earned an R-rating. To sign up as a tester or find out more, click here.

For even more solo fun, try OhMiBod Remote ($0.99, iTunes App Store) – it turns your iPhone into a sexy interface developed to control a personal massager (which you can buy from Once the massager is connected, you get to control its range of vibrations and patterns with just a few swipes of your touchscreen. It comes pre-loaded with five exciting settings for you to explore. And once you find the right setting for you, simply lift your finger and the app continues to work hands-free. What a clever trick.

Need the pleasure to last a little, er, longer with you man?

Durex’s new Extended Pleasure mutual climax condoms have a lube
to help him prolong the fun and are ribbed to heighten your ladygasms.

Dress for sex-cess

Here’s the heads up on the hottest bedroom fashion trend: latex. If you’ve never experimented with rubber, Heidi Zuegn, sexual stylist for, suggests adding it to your lingerie collection. “Latex garments are no longer reserved for the world of fetish as they’re commonly worn as high-fashion by celebrities in mainstream popular culture,” says Zuegn. Katy Perry and Lady Gaga regularly wear latex outfits, and whether you’d prefer to rock curve-hugging dresses, sexy catsuits, glam corselettes or cute brassieres and garters, you could well find something to suit you.

Pulsating page-turners

If you’re still fantasising over the smouldering Christian Grey, then you’ll thoroughly enjoy the thumping new read that’s being billed as the new Fifty Shades – Sylvia Day’s Entwined with You. It’s the third book in Day’s Crossfire trilogy (which has sold over six million copies) and the US author has been applauded for her hot sex scenes and lack of “inner goddess” references.

Chocolate and sex can be interchangeable on the pleasure scale (or so some think), so Claire Preen, a relationships expert and chocolatier, must officially have the sweetest career in the world. In a win for us, she’s created recipe book 50 Shades of Chocolate, featuring treats such as edible massage oil and lube to heighten senses in the bedroom. We want that on (and in) our tummy.

Toys strictly for grown-ups

Anyone with the urge to smash their alarm clock against the wall will love Wake-up Vibe, $119.99, a vibrator/alarm clock that wakes you with “good morning” vibrations. The sleek pleasure machine is worn in your underwear as you sleep, with the end nestled against your clitoris. When the time “comes”, it pulsates every six seconds, the vibration strength and pace increasing until you’re rearing to start your day. Buy it from

Remember that Sex and the City scene where Miranda’s prudish cleaner finds her vibrator? Replace “cleaner” with “your mum” and just the thought leaves you shuddering. Enter (ahem) the discreet Yuki by Iroha, $129. Designed with a semi-insertable tip, it’s water-resistant and near silent. The subtle to strong vibrations and the rhythmical pattern you can moderate mean it’s perfect to use alone or with your guy. Shop at