Where are you on the sex timeline?

How to make the most of when it’s hot and heavy, and keep it interesting when life cools things down…

You’re in lust

You can’t keep your hands off each other. It feels like there’s a magnet between your bodies – but getting intimate with someone new can also be awkward. “Enjoy all the nervous excitement of getting to know each other’s bodies and don’t put too much pressure on yourselves
to have amazing and wild sex straight up,” advises sexologist Nikki Goldstein. Don’t pull out your wicked, freaky wheelbarrow move until a bit later.

You are in love more than passionate

“When you’re in love you should feel confident asking for what you want in bed,” says Goldstein. “By this point you’re more willing to try new things to please your partner, and you’re not as worried about how you look in certain positions or what he might think about your sex noises – so enjoy being experimental.”

You’re all shacked up

Kiss this, grab that… He knows how to get you there. But the route most ridden can get a little boring. “You’re asking yourself, ‘Can I be with this person for the rest of my life?’ and you’re wondering the same about the sex,” says Goldstein. “But you have the freedom and space to have sex wherever and whenever you like.” So tell your guy how hot he looks vacuuming and test out the new living room rug.

He put a ring on it

He’s put a ring on it, but you still need to prioritise sex after you’ve said “I do”. “Our bodies are designed for having sex, so make time and just do it,” says Goldstein. Studies have shown 40 per cent of married Australians are not satisfied with their sex life – and that’s because they aren’t expressing what they want sexually. Be open and brave in the bedroom – it’s a marriage must.

You’ve got some babies

So, the stork has landed. Couples with children fast become experts in the art of the quickie … and at locking doors. Top tips for keeping lovemaking alive once kids have come into the picture? Keep to a strict “lights out” time and make the bedroom a parents-only zone. “There is more time for lovemaking than couples think,” says Goldstein. Might we suggest a romantic 6am romp?