Why hungover sex is the way forward

Feeling horny on your hangover? Go with it. Sex could be the ultimate cure.

Hungover sex

Even though there’s no real scientific reason for it, it’s perfectly normal and very common to feel horny when you wake up after a night on the booze.

Sexpert, Emily Morse says the reason you crave some lovin’ the morning after the night before is simply down to human nature: "People are all about instant gratification," she says. "What better way to delay the suffering from last night's liquid damage than to have an orgasm? For however long it lasts, you’re temporarily released from your hangover purgatory." You really can’t argue with that logic.

And for the science fans out there, sex also releases endorphins and feel-good hormone oxytocin in both men and women, which act as great painkillers. Plus you’ll both be in need of a hormone boost after ripping your body of nutrients with all that alcohol.

However, when it comes to hangover sex you'll probably be feeling pretty delicate. If you’re Suffering from nausea, our tip is to avoid oral - as this really could tip you over the edge. (#gross.)

You could also be feeling sore and achey, so make sure he takes things easy with you: "Chances are you didn’t have a calm, relaxing night," Morse says. "Make up for it in the morning by cuddling and doing it in lazy positions. Enjoy having slow, intimate sex with your partner. You need some moral support—and body contact— during your hangover."

Good positions to try are Spooning Sex:

  • Lie facing the same direction with your back against his front (great for avoiding the old booze breath).
  • Lift your knees while he enters you from behind.
  • Slowly rock together until you find a hangover-friendly rhythm.

And Sitting Sex:

  • Have him sit up on the bed while you straddle him.
  • Hold onto each other for support. (Hugs help hangovers – FACT.)
  • Have slow sex requiring minimal strength and effort on both parts.

So next time you’re hanging hard, avoid the junk food, pain killers and hair of the dog - just go for a steamy sex sesh instead. It’s better for you and way more fun.