Why lesbian sex is actually the best

New research shows lesbians have more orgasms than straight or bisexual women.

Why lesbian sex is actually the best

In sexy science news, a new study claims to have found how frequently everyone orgasms – and lesbians are winning.

According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, lesbian women climax more than straight and bisexual women, but men climax more than any of us. Typical.

Researchers polled 6,151 single American men and women aged between 21 and 65, asking sexual orientation and what percentage of time they orgasmed with a “familiar partner.”

Results show that men’s ability to orgasm doesn’t vary by sexual orientation – and they manage it 85 per cent of the time. Gay women have a 75 per cent success rate, followed by straight women (62 per cent) then bisexual women (58 per cent).

More than 7 per cent of women polled cited aorgasmica – meaning they have never had an orgasm.

Sexpert Nikki Goldstein explains to Cosmo that these findings are probably down to biology, and the fact that the male orgasm is typically viewed as the end goal of sex, meaning our big O is can often be an after thought.

“These findings don’t surprise me at all. By default men have more orgasms, from a biological perspective, because of the penetration model of sex and the reproductive focus. Unfortunately because of this focus is largely on the male finishing, rather than the female,” she explains.

“Also, 80 per cent of women have clitoral orgasms – and obviously lesbians spend more time focusing on that area, so in that sense they are more likely to experience orgasms more frequently.”

That does little to explain the poor stats for bisexual women. But it sounds like they should probably turn more of their attention to women if they want to get their numbers up.