The scientific reason why make-up sex is so damn good

Even the nastiest of fights can have a silver lining.

By Cosmo Team

There's a couple I know who fight constantly. Not in an entertaining old-married-couple kind of way, either.

In most cases, after a fight (or, as I like to call it, yelling tennis), they go off and sulk in separate rooms. Her taking the opportunity to go nuts with the CC on, and him holed up with his video games.

But to them I say: make love, not Warcraft! Because is widely known make-up sex is the greatest type of fornication known to humankind.

Sometimes I even start duels with hot strangers on the street on the off chance that it might lead to aforementioned relations...because, my point is, reconciliation sex: amazing.

Of course, if placating your troubles with sex was a viable and effective option, we'd all save a whole lot more on therapy — but make-up sex isn't about problem solving. It's about reconnection. It's about the amalgamation of the mind and the body.

It's about the only time you know your man will put in 110 per cent, because he wants to prove he is, indeed, the man — and apparently needs to embody an erroneous and clichéd sports statistic to prove it!

The reason for this awesomeness is twofold.

  • Firstly, all the heat of the argument is manifest in physical form (really, if Julia Gillard could figure out how to trap the thermal energy from Aussie couples patching up their differences, the carbon tax would be all but redundant).

  • Secondly, you've quite literally pounded out your frustrations. You suddenly feel more bonded to your partner than Bondi Vet to a remake of a Bond film featuring dogs wearing Bonds underwear.

One plus two … well, that equals business time.

But that's not even the best bit. No, that's embroiled in the aftermath — when he's feeling equal parts vulnerable and emotionally dominant because not only did he say his piece during the fight, he got to wield his piece after the fight!

Any queries you make at this point will be absorbed faster than a post-hypnotic suggestion, making it the perfect time for you to pounce on notions he might otherwise recoil at, such as:

"So, can we take down that picture of your ex now?" and, "My lease is coming up … when are we moving in together?" He's all like, "I can haz cheeseburger?" And you're all like, "Great, I'll go right ahead and book that holiday then." It's win-win.

And even he'd have to agree — not even the world's most rousing game of Warcraft could beat that.