Why men love the "O face"

Want to know what guys watch most during sex? Your face and here's why...

Men love your face during sex

Let’s get straight to the point: men love women’s “orgasm face”. It’s primal, it’s uncontrolled, and it ain’t that pretty. So what is the big turn on?

Men are typically very visual when it comes to sex. Extra visual stimulus generally equals extra sexual pleasure, and that includes our “orgasm face” says sexologist Vanessa Thompson.

We get it, they love a feast for the eyes, but surely a sweaty, red facial expression isn’t very attractive, particularly not when there are breasts and bum on display too.

“It’s good to be the king,” says sex and relationship expert Chantelle Austin. “In general men see getting their women to orgasm as the goal. So the more noise we make and more we react with our faces, the more they feel they’ve done their job.”

It’s a huge ego boost for your guy to be able to see he can rock your world, and the “O face” is the biggest indication he has achieved his goal. And for guys that is a massive turn on.

According to Austin, watching your partner in an orgasmic state is also hot because you know exactly what they’re feeling (since you’ve enjoyed it before). That empathy can help tip you into an orgasmic state too and the more you get turned on, the more it turns him on, which turns you on and, well, you get the picture.

“Everybody wants to know they are doing it right. It’s part of our nature to want to be the best,” says Austin. In short, he wants to make sure he gets a gold star at the end for being a sex god. But on a less sexy front, he could just be checking your dial to see if the pleasure is real.

“Most men - justifiably - believe our facial expression provides the best possible indicator of whether or not we’re faking orgasm,” says Daily Mail sexpert Tracey Cox.

Doesn’t sound very romantic, right? But even if they’re testing us, according to Austin, they won’t have much luck.

“I think some women put it on so thick it’s easy to tell it’s fake. But I think that most know themselves well enough to know how they act and react and they can replicate it. I think some women do that in order to make the men feel good,” says Austin.

But if you want prove your orgasms are the real deal without using a lie detector, keep your eyes open when you “O”. American couples’ counsellor and author, David M. Schnarch is a big advocated of “eyes open orgasms”. He says it’s absurd to keep your eyes shut at such an intimate moment. Better yet, watching him watch you is a huge turn on, so everyone is winning.

Do you like the “O” face?