Why your life might be ruining sex

Your lifestyle choices could be affecting the quality of your hanky panky. See if you're a victim...


“Sex is just like any exercise: the fitter you are, the better (or at least longer) you can last,” says personal trainer Timo Topp. “Being strong, flexible and fit adds enjoyment and diversity to your sex life.” To maintain fitness, Topp recommends 45 minutes of whole body resistance exercises and cardio three times a week.


“Feeling stressed for long periods will reduce your libido,” says Topp. Excess adrenaline and cortisol interfere with your hormone levels.


“Smoking decreases the blood flow to the pelvis and clitoris,” says GP Dr Penny Adams. “This causes reduced sensitivity and intensity of your orgasm – and even loss of orgasm.” Yet more reason to quit (or never start).


“Both high and low BMIs can disrupt your hormones,” says Adams. Significantly underweight women can also suffer from vaginal dryness.

The Pill

“Pills specifically used to treat acne have an anti-male hormone effect and can decrease your libido,” says Adams. Other meds can affect your sex life too: “All Prozac-like antidepressants that work on serotonin can cause reduced libido, delayed orgasm and even anorgasmia (the inability to orgasm),” says Adams.

And what about your mindset? That could be having an impact too…

Miss Body Conscious

“Why don’t we keep our clothes on” seems to be your idea of dirty talk. The best way to overcome a lack of confidence in the bedroom is to let your guy know. “Don’t say ‘I’m ugly’ or ‘I’m fat’, but tell him you’re feeling a bit insecure about your body and start with the lights off,” says Goldstein. “He’s most likely to respond by reassuring you that he finds you super sexy and a huge turn-on, which is one way to erase your worries.”

Miss One Track Mind

You know how the birthday girl never enjoys her party as much as her guests? When it comes to sex, you’re the eternal birthday girl. You put so much pressure on enjoying yourself and making sure he knows it, that you never quite get there. Remember, he’s not expecting (or wanting) a porn star, so keep it low-key. Take your time with foreplay. Tell him what you enjoy and, most importantly, relax.

Miss Tight Lipped

You’re kinky in your head, but you just can’t say it. You’re not alone: 42 percent of Australians say they’ve never spoken openly about what they want in the bedroom. The app Kindu is an embarrassment-free way to share what you’re into. You and your partner each privately answer “yes”, “no” or “maybe” to as many as 600 turn-ons, fantasy role-plays or sexual activities. It then reveals which acts both of you said yes to.