Win the fight against ageing – with sex

Sex reduces wrinkles. And it’s true because science says so.

By Emily Kerr

The fight against ageing is expensive, boring and often fruitless. So we reckon there’ll be jumps for joy all round when you hear what docs are prescribing as a new fix – lots and lots of sex. (You can all jump around now.)

A recent British study showed that sexual pleasure is a “crucial factor” in preserving youth and having regular sex can take five to seven years off your face.

The man behind the research, Dr David Weeks asserted that sexual intercourse triggers the human growth hormone, which helps keep your skin elastic and therefore less likely to wrinkle. And you can’t argue with science, obvs.

Also, doing the horizontal tango releases endorphins which act as natural painkillers that ease anxiety and make sleep easier, meaning less worry and stress on the inside which can then show on the outside.

Weeks added that sex boosts blood circulation which is good for the heart, and gives your skin that post-sex glow which you can never manage to recreate with any makeup trick.

And if that isn’t enough evidence to make you hop on the good foot and do the bad thing (like, now) – sexual intercourse burns fat and releases many chemicals that bolster the immune system. It’s basically like a super food, workout and vitamin hit, all in one saucy sesh.

So forget the creams and definitely step away from the surgery – the key to anti-ageing might just lie in your bedroom... or on your kitchen table... Or in your shower. (Depends how adventurous you’re feeling).