Women losing their libido

Women as young as 30 are hardly having sex at all. UK newspaper The Mirror reports on a sex survey, conducted by Sky Real Lives on 745 women aged 35 to 64, that has found one in four women aged 35 and over never have sex. Never. This means that for about 28 per cent of women, sex is a hazy memory. Even those who are still doing the horizontal dance in their thirties (kudos to you!), things can be a little low on the climax-scale. The Mirror specifies that 41 per cent of women without children reported that they had orgasms most of the time – far more orgasms than mums with one child (12 per cent) and mums with two children (14 per cent). Women’s workloads were also considered, with women who work part-time having more orgasms (67per cent) than women who work full-time (57 per cent).