Young people are hardly having sex these days

Gen Y? More like Gen-Dry Spell snorts.

By Mel Evans

We’re the people who created the hook up culture, but when push comes to shove, it seems like we ain’t getting lucky at all!


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Research revealed by CNN published in the journal, Archives of Sexual Behaviour,* found that 15% of young adults aged 20-24 have reportedly had no sexual partners since turning 18.

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And it found Gen Xers are the sexers...

The study also found sexual inactivity was also found to have increased more for women than for men and differed between races, education level and geographical location. So wonder if we’re getting more down under, eh?

The lead researcher, Jean Twenge, said the findings form “part of a general theme of later maturation that’s pretty much well-documented.” So we’re struggling to find a well-paying job, buy a house AND get some nookie? Fan-f*cking-tastic.

However, Twenge noted there is a greater understanding of “physical and emotional” safety when it comes to sex as a fall out from the AIDS crisis of generations gone by. So there's that. But teamed with technology, which is great for a right swipe, it isn’t so great for those dry spells as we favour digi time then sexy time.

Woo-hoo! know...without the woo-hoo. Get on it, Gen-Y!