Your naughty international dictionary

The language of love transcends words, but sexy talk is hilariously specific depending on where you go. Add these naughty phrases to your global sexicon...


(United Kingdom)

This is when you or a bloke goes on the prowl with mates to look for a partner. Also, shagging, banging and copping off are other ways of saying ‘having sex’.

“Drive-by date”

(South Africa)

That’s what we call a quick, after-hours booty call.



It translates to ‘having sex’. So if you wanted to say ‘They’re gonna have sex tonight!’ you would say, ‘They’re gonna sum tonight!’”

“A pipe”


This is French slang for a blowjob. Yes, ‘pipe’ means the same thing there, they’re just thinking figuratively!

“Pinto amigo”


Also called a PA for short, it’s slang for ‘friendly dick’. It means the same as a friend with benefits.

“Comerse a alguien”


This phrase means to hook up with someone. Literally, it means to ‘eat a person’.



It’s pretty much as it sounds: it means ‘quickie’. But isn’t it more fun to say?



The word heet means ‘hot’ in English. It sounds funny when you say it, especially with our Dutch accents: ‘That is one heet, heet man!’

“Schwanz – schwestern”


It’s a bit brassy, but this is what they call two girls who had sex with the same man. It means ‘d sisters’. And resteficken means ‘fing the rest’. It’s when only a few desperate people are left at the end of a party and they’re looking for someone to go home with.

“Mi fai un chinotto”


Translated, the phrase is slang for “Can you make me a blow job?” Oh right.