Your passport to hotter sex

We find out how women around the globe feel about sex toys, porn, masturbating and more…

Sex around the globe

With more of us travelling than ever before, we asked Cosmo editors from our sexiest international editions (think: Brazil, Italy, Germany, France and more) to fill us in on other countries’ attitudes about everything sex-related. Read on to add a little global flavour to your love life – and get up to speed on what to expect if you’re planning a hot vacay abroad…

Most popular sex toys

Vibrators are the most popular sex toy, specifically the Rabbit. Here are some other saucy discoveries…

France: “The little vibrating duck.” One brand is called I Rub my Duckie. It’s a waterproof floating rubber duck that doubles as a vibrator. And FYI: according to one European sex-toy website retailer, “the beak and tail of the duckie are especially clit pleasing.” Um, good to know!

Italy: “The latest trend is the We-Vibe 3 vibrator. You and your guy use it together – it’s good because it stimulates your G-spot and clitoris and his penis all at once, and it’s waterproof. A girl who tried it with her boyfriend told Italian Cosmo it was a totally explosive experience!”

Latin America: “Cock rings are popular.”

Brazil: “It’s all about sexy costumes.”

Argentina: “Favourites include the butterfly vibrator and dildos.”

Sending sex pics/making a sex tape

Women are all about sending sexy pics to their significant other. Sex tapes? Not so much…

France: “Making a sex tape? Unimaginable. Gross. Just a porn thing.”

Italy: “It’s a nice idea, but be careful if the story ends.”

Latin America:Cosmo readers here are game as long as they’ve been dating the person for at least six months.”

Thailand: “Men in relationships are up for it, but women don’t think it’s safe enough.”

If you and your man do decide to set the cameras rolling, we suggest you follow this wise advice from the UK and Netherlands Cosmo editors.

UK: “British women are well-versed in the rule that you should use your own phone to record anything and delete the video after you’ve watched it.”

Netherlands: “Just don’t photograph your head. Or, you know, scream each other’s first and last names during the performance!”

Online dating

It’s a global toss-up when it comes to finding love online. Here’s the breakdown…

Totally cool: UK, South Africa, Spain, Italy, Germany, Hungary, China.

“One in five couples here meets online - it’s a key tool for finding love.” - UK

Logged off: Chile, Brazil, Philippines, Latin America, Thailand

“A last resort and not considered very safe.” - Thailand


You kissed a girl? And liked it? This news is pretty much NBD across the board. Here’s the pucker-up proof.

Spain: “Why not? If you are attracted to someone…”

Argentina: “It’s a trend for girls in their twenties.”

France: “Women often kiss each other at parties, but it doesn’t go further.”

Chile: “OK, in college.”

Hungary: “It’s totally OK!”

Italy: “It’s common among young women, especially in college.”

Latin America: “Yes, but mainly as teens and only for fun at a party or as a truth-or-dare.”

Philippines: “Twenty-two percent of our readers have made out with a girl.”

South Africa: “Women are curious.”

Portugal: “It might happen in college, but women don’t talk about it too much.”

Kinkiest Trends Around the World

Fifty Shades of Grey has certainly made its mark overseas: Light BDSM is hands down the most popular sex trend in the world right now. Brazil, Chile, Hungary, The Netherlands, Italy, France and The Philippines all named it their number one.
Now, for the runners-up…

China: “Showing off your sex life via Weibo, a Chinese microblog similar to Twitter and Tumblr.” Women and men post some explicit stuff, like raunchy group-sex pics.

Germany: “Sex toys that are based on real toys.”

Latin America: “Having a one-night stand with a guy who’s a complete stranger.”

UK: “Snapchat hook-ups. People swap contacts with other users, then send private photos back and forth.”

Watching porn

The X-rated stuff may not be popular in every country, but most of them still give it an A for awesome.

Into it!

Netherlands, Italy, UK, Spain, Argentina, South Africa, Philippines


“49 percent of our readers watch porn.” Germany + Chile, Brazil, Latin America.

Avoid it

“It’s very taboo to confess that you watch porn.” France+ China (it’s illegal!), Hungary, Thailand