Your sex dealbreakers

We asked what you hate in the bedroom and you answered - with brutal honesty…

Sex dealbreakers

Just as life is like a box of chocolates, so are men… in bed. While some are delicious, sensual and surprising, others are mushy and leave a seriously bad taste in the mouth. While we all know what good sex feels like, we decided to quiz you about your sex dealbreakers – those little things guys (and girls) do in bed that can take you from turned on to contemplating celibacy in two seconds flat. Your answers? They're oh so relatable and a little bit hilarious...

“When I was having sex with my boyfriend of about a year he started caressing my bum and then tried to slip his thumb into it. His thumb, seriously, wouldn't you start off with a smaller digit?! I objected and his reply was ‘other girls seem to like it’. Not cool doing something like that without asking, double not cool for mentioning other girls.” Anna, 26

“When I was having sex with this guy I'd been seeing for a while, he spat in my face right before he came. I hate spit. It definitely ruined any chance I had of an orgasm. He had terrible bed chat that I somehow managed to put up with that for five months but the spitting was the final straw. This was the last time I had sex with him – good riddance!” Alex, 22

“I don’t like it when girls never, ever want to have sex with the lights on. The best part is seeing the girl you’re with naked, so if she’s never going to let me do that then it probably won’t last very long.” **Matt, 28

“If he grunts or makes weird faces and noises I get SO turned off. What’s wrong with not acting like you’re in a porno?” Alice, 29

“I cannot stand it when a guy tells me what to do in bed. A little direction is fine but telling me to get into a new position or do something different every two seconds is a major dealbreaker.” Mel, 30

“It might sound weird but I don’t like a guy I’ve been dating – or even a long term boyfriend for that matter – telling him he loves me during sex. Once is OK; more than once and it’s just too mushy for my liking.” Steph, 26

“A small penis. I know it’s very shallow of me to say that but let’s be honest, a tiny weeny penis is a dealbreaker.” Emma, 24

“A guy I slept with once left his T-shirt on while we were having sex. Everything else was off but the tee. If really creeped me out and I spent the whole time wondering what could be so bad about his chest that he couldn’t show me… like a fungal infection or something.” Kaley, 30

“I’m not really into it when a girl tries to lick my butt. Just not my thing.” Shaun, 28

“When a guy is a jackhammer (in and out really rapidly, not coming on my face - which Urban Dictionary defines it as). It's not enjoyable, can be borderline painful and makes me think they watch way too much porn... Slow down, buddy and realise there are two people's needs at play here.” Mandy, 24

“Once a guy told ME he wanted to lick my 'pussAY’ - instant turn off.” Charlotte, 26

“My dealbreaker is if they complain about the condom. Grow a pair you idiot, do you want to have sex or not? If you can’t do it with a condom on there is something wrong with you.” Mary, 27

“If a guy is all take, take, take then he has no chance with me. I can’t stand if a guy expects you to give him BJs but wouldn’t even think of going down on you. Selfish!” Emily, 23

“Poor hygiene. The absolute worst sex sin. Ever.” Rob, 25

“If a guy has a legit name for his penis. And he seriously expects you to call it that…so gross.” Ally, 26