ALERT: This airline is offering Aussies $349 tickets to EUROPE


By Sammy Stewart

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Right now is the time to be alive because budget airline Scoot is filling in for Santa Claus this year by dropping a deal that will allow you to fly to Europe for the price of a Michael Kors bag.

The airline specifically is selling $369 tickets from Perth to Greece, aka the place of your Instagram ~dreams.~ If you’re flying out of Sydney or Melbourne, you’ll be paying $422 for your one-way ticket, while those in Queensland get a slightly more bargain price of $415.

Dis could be you [Instagram: @badgalriri]
Dis could be you [Instagram: @badgalriri]

So what’s the catch? You need to make sure you can travel anytime between June 20 and October 28, 2017 which luckily for you turns out to be Summer in Greece. To make it even better, all airport taxes are included in the offered price plus you’re allowed 20kg of luggage and a meal for each leg of the journey.

Pretty blood amazing, right?

The sale finishes on November 27, so hop to it.