PSA: This is the cheapest time of the week to buy flights

Prepare to feel smug AF next time you board.

By Natasha Harding
Cheap plane tickets

You know that incred feeling when you nab an absolute BARGAIN and you know you’re the only one? Yep, it’s basically the best feelin’ in the world.

Well get ready to feel that way every single time you board a plane as it turns out there are prime times to buy your vacay tix.

Wanna know when they are? Of course you do. I mean, who doesn’t want extra cash for beachside cocktails?

Tom Walley, Head of Leisure Travel at Flight Centre, is dishing out his industry ~WiSdOm~ and we’re taking notes.

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When it comes to the best time to book your plane tickets Walley suggests, “try to book flights for departure Monday through to Thursday.” This is because airlines bump up the price of flights departing on the weekend and around public holidays (supply and demand is a b*tch, yo).

His recommendation? Book flights either side of the exxy times. Makes sense.

Same thing goes for the fly-in, fly-out sitch. “For domestic flights, try to avoid the peak commuter times of early morning and late afternoon.”

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The takeaway? His top tip for booking cheap flights is to book early.

“Airlines only make airfares available for booking between 10 and 12 months out from departure,” Walley explains, with earlybird deals typically released about 9 months before the flight.

Planning to ditch Aus in winter and hit up the European summer instead? Walley suggests starting to suss out the tix around September/October our time.

Now, if you’re too ~spontaneous~ (read: shit at planning) to book your flights with months to spare, all is not lost. Walley says you can still reap the savings from just three weeks out.

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So what are you waiting for, go treat yo’self to a nice vacay.