Not A Drill: There is a festival dedicated to Cheese happening SOON in Sydney

It ain't easy being cheesy.

Cheese festival tickets

We take our cheese very seriously here at Cosmo and so we see it as our cheese-advocate duty to inform you that something very exciting is happening to our country this weekend.

But before we reveal all, we have just one question for you:

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If you answered yes to the above, read on. If you answered no to the above, we’re sorry, but we can no longer be friends.

Because cheese-lovers, there is something brilliant coming to Sydney this weekend.


Yes, that’s right. A whole two-day festival dedicated to the glory that is cheese.

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This magical event will be taking place at The Sebel Kirkton Park in the Hunter Valley from Saturday 17th June to Sunday 18th June, 2017 and you can get your cheese-craving fingers on tickets here.

Along with a grand old selection of cheese stalls, there will also be booze stalls so you can wash down your cheese with a vino.

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And if you don’t feel like launching in straight away at the fezzy with a full cheese board, why not ease your way in with this genius invention — a cheese cone.

These glorious hand-held delights are filled with triple cream brie, yoghurt cheese, cranberry and pistachio cheddar, spiced pear paste, salami and topped with a salty bread stick. All sourced from the local Hunter Valley area. YUM.

What else is there to look forward to at this cheese-worshipping event? Well, bloody loads.

There are cheese cooking workshops, cheesecake competitions, cheese courses, beer and cheese workshops and cheese making classes.

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We know what we’re doing next weekend.