These are the top 6 dirtiest places in hotel rooms

Probs better keep a hand sanitiser nearby.

By Sammy Stewart

When you're on holiday, living your best life in your 5-star hotel, the last thing you wanna think about is how much bacteria is surrounding you.

You're thinking about it now aren't you? And it'll probably haunt you forever, soz.

To make sure you're not sweating too much about what not to touch, we've broken down the dirtiest places in your room.

1. The bathroom counter

Better not pop your toothbrush down, it picked up LOT of bacteria in a study undertaken by Travel Math.

2. The remote control

Perhaps when you're tucked in bed, flicking through your remote you might wanna think of ALL the hands that have touched that... whilst also in bed (vom.) Swabs taken in a series of hotel rooms found that the remote was ranked highest on the germ meter.

3. The pillowcases

It's recommended to check your pillowcase AS SOON AS you check into your room. Hidden cameras during an investigation on the TODAY show saw cleaners placing the pillows on the chair near the bed while they changed the sheets, and then placing them on the bed. Just think of all the bacteria on hotel room chairs for a minute... gross.

4. Glasses

Bit of a no brainer, but it's best if you give any cutlery or chinaware a good wash before you use them. A CNN invesitagation showed that cups are only changed FOUR times a year.

5. The phone

It's recommended to wipe down your hotel phone with some anti-bacterial cloths, cos they are D-I-R-T-Y and often overlooked during room cleaning.

6. The desk

If you've ordered room service and dropped a bit of pasta on the desk you're eating at, DO NOT APPLY THE 5 SECOND RULE. Travel Math's investigation of dirty objects found that desks are rarely wiped down properly resutling in a feral AF build up of bacteria.