13 long-haul flight beauty essentials tested IRL

Can sheet masks and face mists really save you from dehydrated plane-face? We put these travel favourites to the test

By Claire Hodgson
Beauty tips for flights

Long haul flying has some pretty big perks. Well, landing in some far-flung destination being the main one. But it also sucks in almost every other way. Stop-overs spent in a destination you only see the airport of, cramped economy seat of hell, and of course, majorly messed-up skin.

So, when I was lucky enough to be flying on pretty much the longest flight possible
, from London to New Zealand’s Auckland, I decided to see what I could do to minimise the post-flight damage to my complexion. Not only because we LOVE testing out beauty products IRL, but also because I knew 25 hours of flying would get boring AF, no matter how many Oscar contenders I watched.

Via: Cosmopolitan UK