BREAKING NEWS: Named Sam? You can get FREE Uber rides for a week

[Runs to legally change name ASAP]

free uber sam

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: All people called Sam can get free Uber rides for a whole damn week! We repeat, FREE UBER RIDES!

Why is this joyous occasion happening? Well Uber have decided to treat their customers in a strangely specific way.

According to Uber’s data, ‘Sam’ is the most common name out of their three million-odd customers, and it’s also the most popular unisex name in Australia — so they are giving out benefits to the one mate we all must have: a Sam!

If you're named Sam, Samantha, Samten, Sameera, Samil, Samsun, Samar, Samwell or any other variation of this ridiculously lucky name then you can get amongst this sweet deal.

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Make sure you register with Uber before midnight on Friday, August 18 to enjoy free ride (of up to $20) EVERY SINGLE DAY for a whole week, from August 21 to 27 2017.

If your name’s not Sam, don’t panic – you don’t have to miss out. Just make sure your mate Sam signs up and enjoy a free ride on them. Cheers buddy!

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As Sams across Australia get hooked up with their free Uber trips, famous Sams are getting in on the action too! Sam Frost and Sam Wood are the first peeps to get in on the deal.

SO DON’T MISS OUT. Seriously, it’s your birth rite as a Sam to take this honour and ride with it. DON’T WASTE YOUR SACRED NAME!