10 reasons to celebrate Greek Pride Day

Any excuse to down a Greek-style kebab, TBH.

Santorini sunset

Today is a Very Important day — May 25th marks International Greek Pride Day.

If you haven't already headed to Netflix for a spin of My Big Fat Greek Wedding (what are you waiting for?) then you may want to celebrate this ancient civilisation by checking out the amazing things they've brought to the world. The Greeks invented coins, central heating and alarm clocks. Let's not forget about Mykonos either — because hey, who doesn't think the Greek Islands were an incredible addition to humanity (or at least lust-worthy Instagram pics)?

1. The alarm clock

Okay, this may be a slightly controversial one, but without alarm clocks, where would we be? Missing our gym class (and let's face it, probably work) every day.

2. Coins

The Greeks invented those dollar dollar bills ya'll. (Read: coins.) Without them, we'd probably still be trying to barter and swap goods. Trust us, trying to pay for something with a goat takes way longer than PayPass.

3. Central heating

As winter creeps closer and closer, we're very thankful for this one.

Despite being perfected by the Romans, the ancient Greeks had a nifty system in place where they heated up a room through pipes under the floor — genius! Anyone who's ever tried to warm themselves in front of a standalone heater knows that an entire room full of warmth is way better than scorching your front to the temperature of the sun, while your back freezes in the icy tundra.

4. Plumbing

I think we can just be thankful for this modern marvel and move on — although, just a quick note, the ancient Greeks invented extensive plumbing systems for public and private use in the 400's BC. Pretty amazing stuff! They also graced us with the gift of showers, and our noses will thank them for all eternity.

5. Umbrellas

We know we're pretty thankful for our brollie on a rainy day and yes we too have the Greek's to thank for that. Even if the early umbrellas looked a little more basic, we're betting they were way less likely to turn inside out. Still, without them we'd be showing up to work on a less-than-perfect day looking like a drowned rat, so we'll keep them on the list.

6. Cartography

Cartography is basically the fancy word for maps. The Greeks used cartography to figure out how to keep track of where they travelled (and more importantly, how to get home). Our Google Maps-dependent selves are eternally grateful for this one!

7. Vending machines

We really owe the Greeks everything, including our 3pm snack run. Next time you head to the vendo for a Diet Coke, spare a thought for the ancient Greeks who put a coin into a machine slot for a dose of Holy Water. Probably didn't cure the munchies!

8. The Olympics

Yes, this one's kind of a no-brainer. Before the Olympics spread to London, Beijing and even Sydney, the Olympics was a competition for Ancient Greeks to show off their spectacular sporting talents. Does this mean we have Greece to thank for Michael Phelps?

9. Early medicine

Flu season is upon us in Australia — and who would've thought the Ancient Greeks had so much to do with our conventional, modern-day medicines?

Hippocrates is famous for his knowledge of the human body; he's still regarded as one of the most influential figures in medical history. We all owe him one, TBH.

10. The Greek Islands!

With the European summer almost upon us, the time to visit the Greek Islands is now. Hit up the Greek Islands solo, with the a bunch of mates or even join a Contiki trip. Santorini, Mykonos and Ios are all non-negotiables.