How to save for a holiday without sacrificing your social life

The ultimate 2018 survival guide.

By Cosmo Team

We all want to have our avo toast and eat it too but saving for that holiday (or house!) doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to all the things you love. Save for your next adventure and don't miss a single bestie's birthday with these easy, money-saving hacks from our pals at Contiki.

Track your cash

No idea where that pay check disappears to each week? You're not alone. But if you want to escape the Aussie winter for European sun, it's time to start keeping track. Writing down everything you spend will help you notice spending pitfalls that could be going towards cocktails in Santorini.

Order in

Instead of going out, invite your mates over to your house. The majority of your pay check is going towards your rent anyway right? The major saving here is alcohol. Splurge for a $30 bottle of wine from the bottle shop and you can be sure it will taste a hundred times better than that marked up $80 bottle at a restaurant. Plus, there's no need to catch an Uber home!

Make it ‘special’

You don't have to skip dinners and drinks out all together to save cash, you've just got to be smart about it. Taco Tuesday anyone? Plan nights out earlier in the week when bars, restaurants and movies run special deals to get customers. Your weekdays will seem more exciting — plus, things are way less likely to get out of hand (hello, tequila shots!) on a Tuesday.

Don’t give a f$%*

There is zero point in committing to social events that you have no desire to go to. That friend of a friend's birthday dinner that you felt you had to attend could end up costing you the equivalent of one night's accommodation in Italy. That's a solid no from us.

Get direct

Transferring money the second it hits your account makes it seem like it was never there — it's like magic when you're trying to save. Try the old trick of transferring 10 per cent of your salary direct to savings. If you're being paid $800 weekly, that's $4160 a year, which is a fair chunk towards your #wanderlust goals.

Walk everywhere

Ditch that weekly public transport bill and start toning those legs for your European beach body by walking to work (if you can). Walks are also a great way to catch up with friends without any bill at all! If you clock up enough kilometers, you could even ditch that gym membership.

Find the freebies

One word: Lululemon. They run free yoga classes, run clubs and even HIIT workouts all throughout the week. No membership needed. And that's just one brand. There are tons of free, non-cringey things to do with your mates for free.

Get selling

We've all got things lying around that could earn us extra cash and by getting rid of things you don't need you'll also be on your way to a clutter-free life. Head to your local markets or jump online to sell clothes, tech and assorted junk you don't want. Even the little things will add up!