For some scary security: You can now print your face onto your own suitcase

Because no one is going to steal it with your ugly mug stretched all over it.


When you get off a long flight, feeling groggy AF and all you want to do is shower and lie down somewhere. But instead, you have to queue up with the people you’ve been stuck on a plane with for 14 hours and watch the world’s most unamusing show: the luggage carousel.

As you frantically scan the conveyor belt, hoping to spot your big, black suitcase that looks the same as everyone else’s big, black suitcase, a little voice inside us screams, “why didn’t you get a bloody different looking case?!”

Well, there is a way to quash this bizarre internal monologue of yours, and it comes in the form of your face, printed, stretched and wrapped around your suitcase.

Hilarious retailer, Firebox, has created custom-made, polyester spandex suitcase covers that can have a big old HD shot of your face plastered on to it.

This saves you the dreaded bag mix-up that happens all too often at the airport, and may even deter thieves from pinching your case — because there’s no such thing as a subtle getaway when you have the face of the owner stretched across the thing you are trying to steal.

Prices range from $32 to $48, and come in a range of sizes to suit your case. Before you head to the checkout though, make sure you pick a photo that is reasonably high-res, otherwise you’ll end up with a blurry mini-me, which will have less of the dramatic ‘OMG THAT’S YOUR FACE’ impact that you’re, no doubt, aiming for.

We look forward to seeing you drag yourself around the airport like the champ you are.