OMFG! There are now ‘Sailor Moon’ cafés in Japan!

The cutest mango smoothies we’ve ever seen.

Sailor Moon Café Japan

Be prepared to book your flights to Japan, fellow Meatball Heads, ASAP as it has just been announced that four Sailor Moon café pop-ups are opening this month!

The cafés will be serving up plates of themed food, including, ‘Sailor Moon Mango Cream Smoothies, ‘Tuxedo Mask’s Jet Black Curry’ and ‘Luna and Artemis Bamboo Burgers’, which are so freakin’ cute!

The four cafés are opening up in Tokyo (September 22 to October 29), Osaka (September 28 to November 5), Nagoya (September 29 to November 5) and another is set to open in Fukuoka too.

Already, booking orders have gone nuts, meaning you’ll have to act quick if you want to reserve a table. Also, just as a heads up, there is a $124 charge per person, which may seem steep, but if you have been dreaming of gobbling up your childhood memories for years now, this is a small price to pay.

Eat up, Meatball Head!

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