Pay for a ~fancy~ getaway with your mates... through exercise

We’re still looking for a catch.

By Lorna Gray
Pay for a ~fancy~ getaway with your mates... through exercise

You know how often you'll be perusing places to stay for a long weekend and you just happen to come across the types of properties that are nek level amazing.

Like, we're talking chandeliers and billiard rooms and possibly Miss Scarlett in the library with some caviar.

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But obviously you can't blow your hard-earned dollar bills on those properties, particularly if it's just a girly getaway, not the Queen of Sheba coming for a visit.

Well, Stayz has come up with the perfect solution for your peasant needs with the help of Fitbit… Called StayzFit (we see what you did there).

They're knocking down the price of the ~dreamiest~ properties depending on how many steps you take using a Fitbit device. As in, the more steps you take, the cheaper your holiday property is. If you exercise enough, you'll get the property for FREE.

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There has to be a catch, right?! Or so we thought…

I tried it out to see if I could clock up enough steps to make a luxe house in Sydney drop in value – not in a literal sense, mind – we all know THAT is impossible.

I headed to a gorgeous house that was kitted out with a gorgeous pool, gorgeous art, gorgeous chandelier, gorgeous library – did I mention it was gorgeous?

The aim of the game is to take as many steps as possible to get the property for free.If you do 30,000 steps over two days, you'll get 10% off your stay. Do 80,000 steps and you'll get 50% off. and 120,000 steps means you get it for free. (This is based on a one-night stay with two people's steps combined - the step goals go up for each night you stay and with how many people you're doing the challenge with.)

So, how did I go?

I managed to clock 15,735 on the Saturday and a less impressive 12,604 on the Sunday (full disclosure: there might have been a few wines consumed on Saturday night).

My buddy managed 11.401 and 10.285. (I did go a cheeky run on the Saturday but let's just go with I WIN).

A combined total of 50,025 steps which works out as 30% off aka not too shabby.

^ Not going to lie, we felt Cher-esque in this level of grandeur!

Staying in top digs and trying to stay active is what we call a charmed life, friends. And I have to say, I wasn't completely over-exerting myself (see aforementioned Saturday night wines). So it was still a lovely break.

What I'm trying to say is that it's super achievable and we had the best time doing it. Which is kinda weird considering we had to exercise.

Philippa Durant, a spokesperson for Stayz, said they were trialling this initiative because "Australian travellers are at the heart of our business and if they believe it's important to keep active while on holiday, then we want to help them achieve this."

The initiative is running from today until 24th of April (at time of publishing there are still dates available!) Check it.