This Sydney hotel has bacon alarm clocks and we’re booking in RN

Wake up and smell the bacon.

Sydney Travelodge Bacon Alarm Clocks

Getting up in the morning is potentially one of the hardest things we (as lazy humans) have to do. It’s a daily mission peeling off the covers and stepping out into the world of full awake-ness. But what would be the one thing you know, in your heart of hearts, you would leap out of bed for?

Yes, you got it: Bacon.

Those little crispy strips of piggie greatness are the only things that can get us to spring into action in the morning, and make us feel a little bit more positive about the day ahead.

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Tapping into this intel, one Sydney hotel is using the power of bacon to make your morning wake-up just that little bit more delicious.

The Travelodge Hotel at Sydney Airport have paired up with Sensorwake to put olfactory alarms in their rooms — which in basic bitch talk, means alarm clocks that pump out yummy smells and wake you up in a non-aggressive manner.

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If you’re buying one of these alarms for yourself, you can choose between coffee, chocolate and croissant (YUM!) scents, but Travelodge have selected Bacon — knowing of its magical salty powers.

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Their bacon-clocks are part of a new hotel plan, which includes ‘Silent Check Out’ — meaning you can avoid the awkward, dreary chatter with the reception desk as you’re trying to get out and on with your day, and instead just use their interactive board.

Options include, ‘I need to settle my bill’ or ‘I need coffee’ — and now we want one of those for our office desk...

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To celebrate the opening of the brand new Travelodge Hotel at Sydney Airport, travellers who book now can save up to 25% and receive a complimentary buffet breakfast — AND they’ll get to try out the fancy new bacon clocks.

So, go on, treat yourself to some morning wafts.

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