The verdict is in: would Millennials rather travel or own a home?


By Sammy Stewart

To buy ~experiences~ or buy property?

That is the question.

A new study has revealed a statistic that says more about our generation than a Facebook status. The research reveals that Millennials are more likely to spend their hard-earned cash on a holiday as opposed to a house, meaning we’re all about that ~wok hard, play hard~ life.

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Basically, our new name is “Generation Experience” according to the study, with Millennials in the US and the UK ranking travel above paying off debt and the average Millennial taking three to four trips per year.

Oh, and don’t even bother telling us travelling youngsters we need to pre-plan our holidays. The study revealed 75% of Millennials in the survey were not interested in pre-packaged tours or trips, but would rather have a ~unique~ travel experience.

Yep, we truly are the #YOLO generation.

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