These two same-sex couples got married at midnight and their wedding photos are stunning

Same-sex couples can legally marry in Australia now!

By Jessica Chandra

As of January 9, 2018 — that's today! — same-sex couples can officially get married in Australia now that we have marriage equality, and some couples wasted no time in tying the knot, with several ceremonies taking place just after midnight around the country.

Even though same-sex marriage became legal in Australia on December 7, 2017, couples were advised that they would have to wait until January 9 to get married, simply because the government needs a month's notice before anyone gets married.

A few exceptions were made — like in the case of Lauren Price and Amy Laker, who had family flying in for a civil ceremony they had already planned — but for the most part, January 9 was the go-date for couples.

One couple that got married in front of family and friends just after midnight was Glasgow Commonwealth Games sprinter Craig Burns and his partner of three years, Luke Sullivan, who's also an athlete.

They swapped "I dos" in an intimate country ceremony with 50 of their loved ones at Summergrove Estate at Carool in the New South Wales Northern Rivers Hinterland.

Luke Sullivan and Craig Burns' wedding
Luke Sullivan and Craig Burns' wedding

Craig told the ABC that he didn't really consider marriage until he met Luke. "It's another way to show your love and appreciation of your partner in front of the people in your life," he said. "Not being able to do that, it kind of sucks a bit — you want to be able to show your partner you love them."

Another couple, Lisa Goldsmith and Gillian Brady, became wife and wife at a midnight ceremony at The Court in Perth. Even though they had tied the knot in a backyard commitment ceremony in 2012, they weren't officially married — something that had played on their minds despite their strong relationship and commitment to each other.

Lisa Goldsmith and Gillian Brady's wedding
Lisa Goldsmith and Gillian Brady's wedding

"For me, it is a momentous occasion because from Tuesday I'll be able to call her my wife," Lisa told The West Australian. "Everyone else can and I don't see why I shouldn't be able to. We do everything like everyone else, we pay our taxes."

See more stunning photos from these two weddings below.