Apparently the average Australian wedding in 2018 costs this much and ermahgerd, start saving!

Yes, that's the correct amount of zeros.

Engaged couples, brace yourselves because you might be expected to spend your life saving on a wedding these days.

In a new survey study done by Australian bridal website, Wedded Wonderland more than 500 newly wed couples were asked what they spent on their wedding and basically, it was a fuck-tonne more than your parents probably spent.

"In comparison to last year, we've seen a rise in costs across all fronts, with the most significant increases being the wedding dress, venue, videographers and photographers," the wedding experts said of their findings. "Overall, couples are spending $51,245 on weddings – a jump from 2017s average of $48,624."

That's right Lil Yachty, regular, non-famous people's weddings are now that expensive.

According to Wedded Wonderland Founder, Wendy El Khoury, the added costs are all in the personal details.

"There is a particular focus on style, personalisation and experience," says Wendy. "Brides and Grooms today are using their wedding as a platform to express their relationship personality; wanting to impress, indulge, and create unforgettable memories."

The biggest things couples splurge on? Well, wedding dresses are sitting at an average of $5,180 (compared to $4,000 in 2017), venues are costing $5,750 more than last year and the median spend on video and photography has risen by just over $1,000.

Yes, those bride and groomzillas wanna make sure those pictures are on point for the 'gram!