Watch: This guy's 'Beauty and the Beast' proposal will give you all the feels

Did we mention his girlfriend actually plays Belle IRL?!

By Natasha Harding

When it comes to imagining the most perfect wedding proposals, most people conjure up a scene right out of a fairytale where Prince Charming sweeps his girl off her feet. Sadly, living in the real world means that it doesn’t always turn out that way but we can dream, right? Right.

Well one guy has gone and done exactly that, turning our Disney fantasy into a reality while successfully managing to ruin all other men for us. Yep, we’re dealing with one smooth operator here.

This video posted on Youtube shows said guy prepping to propose to his girlfriend (who plays Belle in the Florida stage show of Beauty and the Beast, btw), in the most ~RoMaNtiC~ way.

With the help of directors and a few secret practise singing seshs, the crew arranged for the boyf to switch places with the Prince in the final scene of the show where he then pops the question.

When the filming starts you can see Belle looks pretty surprised to see her bae on stage but, being a profesh, she keeps her cool and just rolls with it. Mid-way through the clip things start to get a bit emosh, with the girlfriend trying to hold back tears as her boyf (dressed as a prince) starts to explain in front of a sold-out theatre why he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.


If you can make it all the way through without turning into a big pile of mush, you might actually be dead inside. We were wrecks within 30 seconds flat.