This bridesmaid passed out at the altar

Shouldn’t laugh but...

You’d think the most shameful thing a bridesmaid could do on your wedding day would be getting drunk and being a bit of a dick or copping off with someone they totally shouldn’t.

But this bridesmaid upstaged the happy couple in shamefully spectacular fashion.

All eyes were supposed to be on the bride and groom as they shared their first marital kiss but the groom’s sister, who was also on bridesmaid duties, passed out on cue at the “You may kiss the bride” line.

She’s totally fine, hence why we’re allowed to lol at the situation. Her bro shared this pic on his Imgur page, ribbing his sister for passing out at the altar.

He assured the online community the ceremony was less than 20 minutes. "She just hadn't consumed enough," he explained.

"She was fine minutes later, just a little embarrassed," he wrote. "Let her sit down and have some food and water and then she was grand."

Keep those bridesmaids fed and watered, gurls.