What this bridezilla asked her bridesmaids to do is cringey AF


By Natasha Harding

We’ve heard some preeeeeeeetty bad bridezilla stories in our time, but this one might just take the cake. In an anonymous letter submitted to Mamamia, this bridesmaid writes about all the things her friend/bride-to-be called ‘Carol’ has asked her to do and holy shitballs it’s a LOT.

After asking her bridesmaids to give input on everything from the table decorations and buttonhole recommendations for the groomsmen, Carol also asked her gals to compile excel speadsheets of cake maker suppliers, price brackets, flavours and “an idea of how ‘prestigious’ each cake would be.”

‘At first, I thought Carol was just being a little overzealous,’ she explains, but helping out Carol ‘quickly [started] taking up a large chunk of my day.’

The woman agreed to help out, cancelling plans with friends to send through wedding planning details and receiving a passive-aggressive response from the bride, “Thanks for this, would’ve been really helpful to have it yesterday when specified but I appreciate it.” Annoying, right?

But that’s not even the worst of it.

When Carol found the perfect, but exxy, satin Marchesa dress that cost $10,500 (twice her budget, FYI), her bridesmaids persuaded her to ‘treat herself’, ‘cause YOLO, right?. So she did. Having felt relieved that the wedding dress was officially sorted, the woman then received an email from Carol later that night, titled ‘Dress contribution’, asking everyone to contribute to her dress as it had put her over budget.

‘It was “totally fine if you can't” but she would really love if we could “pitch in” around $150 each towards her “dream dress,”’ she explains. ‘That it'd mean so very much to her and would mean that as she walked down the aisle, she'd be wearing something we'd all had a part in.’

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Ah, weddings aren’t a kind of charity lady.

To add some more context, this ‘contribution’ was on top of the $550 bridesmaid outfit, wedding accommodation, hen’s party, bridal shower and THREE SPA DAYS,

‘I nearly threw my phone across the room, such was the rage that consumed me,’ the anonymous poster says. 'I'm starting to think I might have to bail on this wedding, and friendship.’

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