This couple had an incredible Twitter-themed wedding

DM goals.

Twitter couple wedding

Get ready to cry over every shitty late-night "thinking of u" DM you've ever thought was romantic, because this Atlanta couple's incredible Twitter-themed wedding is about to change the game.

Anuj Patel and Sumita Dalmia first met on Twitter in 2013, when Sumita replied to Anuj's tweet about extra tickets for an event.

Sumita told that after their initial tweet exchange, they DM'ed for a few days, then exchanged email addresses, where on that first day alone, they sent 78 emails to each other! 78! That's bananas! Or love (idk)! After a month of emailing, texting, and phone calls, they finally made plans to meet at a food truck park, and from there: they became friends for about a year, before things took a ~romantic~ turn and they started dating.

"We had no way of crossing paths in real life," Sumita said. "We 100% would not have met if it weren't for randomly finding each other on Twitter that day. We tried to scour our friends list, work acquaintances, and even made a tally of local events we'd been to, but were never at the same place at the same time. I think that's why we are super thankful to Twitter."

After a year of dating, Anuj popped the question with a Twitter-themed scavenger hunt that lead Sumita to different meaningful Atlanta locations, where friends would be waiting with the next clue.

When it came to wedding planning, Sumita says they wanted to incorporate Twitter as a way of sharing their story with their guests. Everything from hotel keycards, to cocktails, to table settings featured Twitter in some capacity.

You know what's even cuter though, is Sumita's answer when asked her how she knew Anuj was "the one". "I could see he was becoming my best friend." she said. Swoon!

Congratulations, Anuj and Sumita! Now I'm off to take a chance on love myself and reply to every Stubhub vendor that could possibly be my soulmate.

Photos: Events by SPL

Via: Cosmopolitan US