Divya + Gurjap

This lavish, Bollywood style wedding was lit up with fireworks from the moment the bride & groom arrived via helicopter!

bollywood wedding

Ever dreamed about getting married with 1500 of your nearest and dearest? Well that's just what this bride and groom did, celebrating with eight main functions spanning 5 months from December 18th 2016 – March 4th 2017.

These included a luxe wedding ceremony, a pre-wedding religious function, engagement, musical celebration – Sangeet, turmeric function – Haldi, Henna night, and lavish reception functions in Sydney and in India.

20 different dresses were worn by the bride over the celebration period including a 20kg red velvet outfit called Lengha - full of heavy intricate work and embellishments. "Just wearing it was an absolute fitness challenge" said Divya.

The Sydney reception was held at Rosehill Gardens where the bride and groom entered via helicopter to fireworks, Brazilian dancers with Samba drummers and an array of international cuisines in stall format.

“My brother, who was the amazing MC of the evening, announced “love is in the air” as we were descending from the sky.”

The 20-tier cake, over 2 metres in height, decorated with detailed artistic design embedding Swarovski crystals surrounded by glass chandeliers. The happy couple cut the cake with a sword while a rose petal shower rained over them.

“Even though raised in Australia, I’m very close to Indian culture” says Divya.

The catering included food stalls from many international cuisines including Chinese, Japanese, Lebanese, Indian, Mexican, Italian & Thai with platters of desserts including chocolate fondue.

“I had always wanted to have a big, lavish, Bollywood style wedding since childhood.”

“Our Fairytale celebrations were just as I had always dreamt, hence we feel so grateful, loved and truly blessed as we look forward to our happily ever after.”