Facebook pays for couple's wedding

If your wedding funds are a little on the low side, you can always try what this couple did …

Emma Collins, 31, and Shaun Parsons, 38, from Wales, were engaged for 14 years, but couldn’t raise the moula to pay for their big day. Enter their friend Jenee Gatehouse, who set up a Facebook group to ask for help. Donations flooded in from the local community, and the couple ended up being offered a reception venue nearby, photography for the day, a stretch limo as transport, the rings, a DJ and the cake.

Jenna says, “I thought every girl should have her special day, so why not try and do it for Emma?”

We’re thinking she would have gotten quite a few thank-yous in the speeches, and she’s definitely earnt the title of Best Friend in the World!

Have you received a generous gift for your wedding day? Post your stories here and give a shout out to the kind person who gave it to you.