So THIS is how much you should actually spend on a wedding present

At last, an answer to the world’s most awks question.

By Natasha Harding
wedding gift present

It’s the age old question asked by wedding guests the world over: ‘how much should you spend on a wedding present?’.

On the one hand, you don’t want to spend a shittonne and not be able to afford your next gas bill and, on the other, you also don’t want to look like an absolute tightarse.

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But just how much is the right amount?

Here to help a sister out is Cosmopolitan Bride Editor, Alexis Teasdale, who is the ~ultimate~ go-to for everything wedding-related.

First thing’s first, “There are no 'rules' when it comes to how much to spend on gifts at weddings, and now there are more options than ever,” Alexis explains. “ The best idea is to be guided by the couple.”

“If they have a registry get in fast! If you leave it to the last minute you'll risk having to buy the last bits and pieces left like one bath towel, 3 side plates and a door mat.”

Leftover gifts = not a good thing. Noted.

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“If they have an 'experience' registry for their honeymoon, choose something fun that you can chat about when they're back,” Alexis says.

Alternatively, “If they have a 'wishing well' you could buy a gift card to a department store for an amount that suits you or shop they love.”

Still not sure how much to spend? Here are some good tactics for working out a more specific dollar estimate:

“One way to look at it, is to think about how much per head the food and drink is costing as a guide,” Alexis continues.

“As celebrations are all so different now, it could be a small cocktail and canapé celebration or a full on four course feast so that's not the easiest rule of thumb. If you're not sure, why not think about how much you would spend on dinner and drinks on a night out.”

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But what if you’ve already spent a small fortune on flights, accommodation, a bridesmaid dress (and don’t even get us started on the hen’s ‘do)?

If this is the case, “Lots of couples will mention on the invitation that no presents are expected.”

“If you feel like you want to still gift something why not get together in a group and all chip in a small amount for one lovely gift? Or you could choose something small like movie tickets or even a DIY 'voucher' for dinner and drinks at your place when they return from their honeymoon if your budget is maxed.”

The takeaway? There’s no ‘set’ amount you should spend, but there are a heap of rules you can follow to gauge the right price bracket, depending on your specific wedding sitch.

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